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When you choose to stay in Monteriggioni hotels during a trip through Italy, you are placing yourself in an important historical area. For a weekend, Monteriggioni offers the perfect vacation and set of attractions, as the best-known Italian walled city. In fact, the 13th century walls are a main tourist sight, including the Senese Gate to Monteriggioni. Cheap hotels can be found in and near the city, which rests on a hill just above the amazingly beautiful Elsa Valley.The city of Monteriggioni is even referenced in the Divine Comedy, the famous poem by Dante, because of its greatness and beauty, surrounded by the Staggia Valleys. If you are looking for discount hotels, Monteriggioni has to be booked early because its fame attracts a number of tourists who come to see things like the Motte and Bailey Castles. can help you find the best available hotels in Monteriggioni at reasonable prices any time of year.