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        In the province of Siena lies the city of Pienza. This Italian city is southeast of Tuscany and west of Montepulciano. As of 2007, around 3,000 habitants are living in Pienza. A weekend Pienza has to offer is full of picturesque destinations of which you can enjoy visiting. Take for example the Palazzo Vescovile also known as the Bishops Palace. It is a castle built in the 15th century for Rodrigo Borgia also known as Pope Alexander VI. Another beautiful site to see is the Palazzo Piccolómini. Elegant architecture in its façade will leave its visitors in awe. This is one of the most excellent works of Rosselino. The Piazza Pio II is a trapezoid-shaped city square to be found in the citys center. It features a lot of the tourist destinations like the charming Palazzo Comunale from the year 1463.With the packages provided in, its easy to find hotels in Pienza. You can find Pienza hotels ranging from cheap Pienza hotels to five star hotels. There are still a lot of sites to see here. So to maximize your budget, dont think twice about getting discount hotels. Pienza promises to be a great vacation destination.