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    Radda is a small village located in the Chianti region of Italy. This area is also known as the Heart of Tuscany. Radda has been easily identifiable for over a thousand years by the wines and olive oils that are produced in this region. Perched upon a small hill, Radda’s deep woods and extensive vineyards help to form a watershed between two valleys. The climate in Radda is moderate, and the valleys are protected, making the area perfect for growing wine grapes as well as other fruits and vegetables.Taking part in a wine tasting, attending wine festivals, and touring a winery are all activities that visitors to Radda will enjoy. Sightseeing is an adventure, especially if done on foot. You can see medieval castles, beautiful villas, quaint farmhouses, churches, and fortified hamlets in Radda. Other activities include museums, concerts, and planned day trips to cities near Radda. Restaurants proudly serve a selection of locally produced wine, along with Tuscan cuisine. Discount hotels in the Radda area range from large and elegant to small and cozy, and can be booked in advance by taking advantage of the services offered by