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    San Gimignano was an Etruscan business center when it was founded in 998, however the monumental sized towers that once stood as a commissioned offshoot of the city’s wealth now lie in eye-catching ruin. These tall relics as well as some of the dilapidated ones are visible from many of the hotels in San Gimignano, but that is not all San Gimignano has to offer by way of sights. For discount hotels, San Gimignano’s available openings can be located at longer than only a weekend, San Gimignano offers free entertainment via the Cavalieri di Santa Fina. This patron saint celebration conducted not too far away from most San Gimignano hotels puts on displays of horseback riding and exhibits the tournament Giostra dei Bastoni. The winner of the contest is awarded a sword made of what the alley Vicolo dell'Oro is named after: gold. For a view of the town’s environmental past, many San Gimignano cheap hotels are not too far away from the Ornithological Museum, the exhibition of birds from as early as the year 800. San Gimignano is a great stop on any excursion through Italy.