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    Sinalunga is a small Tuscany town with a population of around 1,300. The nearest large town is far off Siena. It is an old Tuscan town with Etruscan origins. Its old name from the 1200s to 1864 was Asinalunga or long donkey. As a lively market town, spend a weekend. Sinalunga offers visitors its specialty of roast pig cooked with locally grown rosemary. Stay in any of the Sinalunga hotels and wander the market place or visit a few of the churches. The Church of San Francesco holds an annunciation by Benevuto dGiovanni. It sits alongside the Franciscan convent at the top of a long cypress-lined road. The Collegiate of S. Martin, built originally in 1587, features a staircase dating from 1616. To its right is the church of Santa Cruce with its 18th century façade. Take time to enjoy the 1853 public works project of communal Sferisterio, reduced in height for safety after a lightning bolt struck it in 1986.To save money and extend your visit locate Sinalunga cheap hotels through or research for any discount hotels. Sinalunga is worth the extra effort with its Palazzo Pretorio from the 14th century and the now deconsecrated Santa Lucia once a church and now a library. Take a short walk some 500m outside Sinalunga to the Convent of San Bernardino (Madonna del Riposa). It sits on the hill providing a view of the area. Take part in the festivals the Festival of S. Bernarindo (September) or the S. Martino Festival on November 11.