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    With a population of 8,500, Sovicille is a small community about 10 km from Sienna. Once a medieval village, Sovicille now offers visitors a chance to tour its ancient walls and churches. If only for a weekend, Sovicille can prove an interesting getaway from the city. You can stay in hotels in Sovicille or nearby. Check with for available Sovicille hotels or if Sovicille cheap hotels exist. If not, try nearby for discount hotels. Sovicille maps may be able to help in this respect. While in Sovicille wander over to visit the Pieve di Ponte allo Spino, dedicated to St. John the Baptist or visit the Hermitage of Rosa, the remains of a Gothic cloister, near the Pieve. There is also the Ponte della Pia, a bridge of a simple stone construction. There are also several villas from which to choose. Spend time in the Italianate gardens of the Villa di Celsa or admire the obelisks and ornamental bust of the gardens of the Villa Cetinale. If you wish to go further afield, pay a visit to the famous Cistercian Abbey about 35 km south- west of Sovicille