Hotels in Torrita di Siena

Torrita di Siena Details

Torrita di Siena, Italy has a population of 7,000 and once was a major agriculture town but has since transformed into one of industry. Vacationers should still use to find hotels in Torrita di Siena because of some of the quirky and beautiful attractions there for a week or weekend. Torrita di Siena sports its oldest church, the Church of the Madonna dellOlivo situated atop a hill. But it is the festivals for which vacationers should tryto get Torrita di Siena cheap hotels. Palio dei Somari, which literally means, to run with asses, is when Torrita morphs back into a medieval town and there is a race where men ride asses instead of traditional steeds. Tourists should also try to get Torrita di Siena hotels as near to the citys main square where every year they hold the Torrita Blues festival. A bunch of groups and soloist artist put on concerts then. With the historical sights, unique festivals and discount hotels Torrita di Siena is a town worth visiting.