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    The province of Siracusa (Syracuse) is located on the southeastern part of the island of Sicily. The coastlines sandy and rocky beaches attract scores of tourists. Many towns within this province have been labeled UNESCO World Heritage Sites and tourists flock to the cities that are amazingly rich in historical and artistic monuments. The city of Noto is world-renowned for its Baroque-style buildings, while many other zones of the province are famous for their archaeological remains. Pantalica, for example, is a famous naturalistic-archaeological site that houses the remains of a colony of indigenous people founded around the 14th century BC. One of the most popular sites in the province is the capital city, also called Siracusa. Sights to see here include the archaeological park, where the remains of the Greek colony can still be seen, as well as the Cathedral, located on the island district of Ortigia. The Cathedral was built in the 7th century over a temple dedicated to Athena; the temple columns can still be seen within the church.