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Lentini is a town that is to be found in the Siracusa province of Italy. It is an ancient city, rich with history. It was completely destroyed in 848 AD by the Saracens, and the earthquake of 1693 almost destroyed it completely again. At one point in time, Lentini was considered a mere stopping point before reaching Syracuse in Italy. Today, those people who have an interest in architecture enjoy coming to Lentini. There are cheap hotels in Lentini for those who travel on a budget. These accommodations may be less expensive, but they are of fine quality.Eastern Lentini still has part of a fortified medieval castle in place. This structure is an attraction that is not seen every day, and is a huge drawing card for the area. There are other points of interest in Lentini, including the 18th century San Francesco di Paola church with its huge, rare organ and artwork from many of the churches that were leveled in 1693. The Church of St Luke, and the Church of the Immacolata with its circa 1402 Queen Marie tombstone and very Romanesque sculptured lion. You will discover that budget hotels in Lentini are bright and cheerful, with comfortable rooms and the usual amenities.