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    If you want to visit an interesting town because of its architecture, you should be in Noto this weekend. Noto is regarded as the “Baroque City” of Sicily. The town became a baroque city after the town’s devastation during the earthquake of 1693. The town had to be rebuilt. From there, Baroque structures started to emerge. The architecture was the obvious choice because of its popularity during those times. To understand the city better, visit their plazas: Piazza Municipio and Piazza XVI Maggio. Piazza Municipio is where you will find the town hall, known as the Palazzo Ducezio built in 1746. Also visit the Cathedral of Noto which was also built in the same century. Attached to it is the Bishop’s Palace. Next is the Piazza XVI Maggio where you will find the Church of San Domenico from 1727. An artistic façade should be found there.The hotels in Noto are accessible from the point of view of these structures. Some Noto hotels also offer a great view of these attractions so you can practically appreciate them from your own window. These hotels are even better with accommodation packages booked online on On this website, not only you will find discount hotels, Noto accommodations reviews are also available.