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    Siracusa was a great classical city. Cicero called it lovely. It is now home to almost 125, 000 people. If you spend a weekend, Siracusa will reveal its Classical past from its archaeological ruins at the Neapolis to the Hellenistic and Byzantine tombs at the Groticelli Neocropolis to its Christian catacombs (San Giovanni Catacombs). From Siracusa hotels, explore the Museo Archeologico built on Viale Teocrito or cross the Ponte Nuovo to the inner docks or Darsena. The hotels in Siracusa offer you a chance to see Ortygia, an island dedicated to the Goddess Artemis but home to the Gothic-style Palazzo Bellomo an art gallery.With so much to look at be sure to book in advance with to obtain the best Siracusa cheap hotels or discount hotels. Siracusa can lead you from there to its Duomo and cathedral. Follow the path of the tombs (Via dei Sepolcri) or sit in the Teatro Greco. Admire Hieron II’s Altar built in honor of the God Zeus or just wander the streets.