Hotels in Allerona

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Allerona Details

Allerona is a picturesque hill town about 472 m. above sea level in the province of Terni which belongs to the Umbrian region of Italy. The town is literally in the center of the country, at about 60km northwest of the capital city of the province - also called Terni. Like most municipalities in Italy, Allerona includes in its territory some hamlets or villages which are referred to as frazioni (literally a ‘fraction’ or subdivision). Scalo and San Pietro Acquaeortus are the frazioni of Allerona, which complete the can book you budget hotels in the panoramic setting of Allerona, where the guests can look forward to the peace and quiet for a truly relaxing getaway that’s in harmony with nature. Allerona dates back to pre-Roman times with archaeological finds such as stretches of the ancient Cassia road and inscribed pillars. On the highest point of town stands the renovated castle church dating to the early 12th century. Villalba and the Selva di Meana are well-equipped parks that include wooded areas which are perfect for hiking and family picnics. Villa Cahen is surrounded by fairy gardens. A chance to discover the traditions, the gastronomy and the habits of the region is offered every Wednesday, when a market takes place in Allerona, and the fruits of the land can be found for sale.