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The town of Amelia is thought by some scholars to be the oldest town in Umbria. It sits on a hill above the Tiber River, with the Nera River off to the west. The closest neighboring town is Narni, although it sits about halfway between Rome and Perugia. If you are looking for a hotel in Amelia, lists a number of budget Amelia hotels and other hotels in the area.The name Amelia comes from the ancient Roman town of America, although Etruscans were earlier inhabitants of the town. In fact, the Romans adapted the remains of an Etruscan wall into their city walls, and this construction can still be seen today. Through one of the remaining city gates, the old Amelia remains mostly intact within the walls. The Piazza del Duomo contains the Cathedral, originally built in 872 but rebuilt after a fire in 1629 in the Baroque style. A Torre Civica, or Civic Tower, is also in the piazza. The Archaeological Museum and the Pinacoteca Comunale contain artifacts found during various excavations, and Roman roads are still found throughout the town.