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Attigliano is a small village in the central Italian region of Umbria; it is located in the province of Terni, immersed between the banks of the River Tiber. It is an ancient village, already having been inhabited by the Etruscans and reaching its most glorious period during the Middle Ages. All around the area, youll find remains of its medieval history, both within the village and in the surrounding districts. For example, you should stop by the Rocca di Narni, in the Narni district, an impressive castle constructed in the 14th century. Attigliano also offers a beautiful natural and geological landscape. Indeed, you should visit the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba, one of the most important paleontology sites in the world where tree trunks and other types of vegetation are wonderfully preserved. Another must see is the Oasi Naturalistica di Alviano, a swampy ecosystem that is home to a variety of aquatic birds. For both a bit of history and nature in one weekend, Attigliano is a great vacation destination. Use to find the discount hotels Attigliano offers; if not in Attigliano, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. Check out reviews for hotels in Attigliano to choose among the variety of Attigliano hotels.