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A trip to scenic Ferentillo can affect some travelers like liquid sunshine. So happy are they to be in an area where there is a wealth of activities tends to make them quite cheery and happy. Ferentillo is located in the valley of the Nera River in Italys Terni province. Some of the main sights for tourists in this area include two medieval castles, the 13th century Collegiata di Santa Maria and the 8th century Abbey of San Pietro in Valle for their amazing frescoes, which date back to the 13th century. Cheap hotels in Terni are quite a bit more modern than the abbey, and can offer you a convenient place to call home while you are on holiday.You will also want to visit the Museum of Mummies, which offers a guided tour. The Palazzo Montholon, and the Church of Santo Stefano are two other tourist attractions in Ferentillo. The church includes frescoes from the 14th century, and a crypt that is from the same period. The Museum of Mummies just happens to be in the basement of this church. In addition, the highest waterfall in all of Europe is located close by the city of Ferentillo. It is called the Cascata delle Marmore, and the area around it is very popular with those who enjoy hiking. Discount hotels in Terni are not difficult to locate, especially if you are planning your trip in advance.