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Otricoli was once an important town for the Romans as early as 300BC. Being located on a hill, it poses great advantage for the important people to be protected in higher grounds. The evidence of that is slowly excavated in the Archeological site of Ocriculum the former name of Otricoli. Some of the most important finds are now on display in the Vatican City. The latest finds in the area are on display in the towns museum, the Antiquarium. Whats also known in this town on the hill is their deep religiosity. The center of the towns festival is held after 40 days of Easter called the Feast of Infiorata of the Corpus Domini.As a town with big heritage, youll be surprised that most of the hotels in Otricoli are small and they are best for a short stay in a weekend. Otricoli accommodations are owned by families that has enough rooms for travelers. The great thing about Otricoli hotels is the family style accommodation where youll feel you are a family member. These Otricoli cheap hotels will treat you to their home cooked meals and invite you to partake in their traditional way of living. With this type of discount hotels, Otricoli travel packages can be booked online in