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When you talk about Parrano, you talk about cheese. The name Parrano cheese actually came from a town with the same name. This picturesque town is located on top of a hill, and from afar, you will see the famous Castle of Parrano, parts of which were built in the 10th century. Many tourists visit Parrano to enjoy the spa treatment at the thermal springs during the weekend. Parrano is also known for an archeological site called the Grotte del Diavolo, a cave where remains from the Bronze Age can be found. Most hotels in Parrano offer spa packages to tourists. Parrano hotels can be quite packed during the weekend because the town is a very popular destination for spa treatment. If you are going to Parrano, it is best that you get a travel package that includes tours and accommodation, so that you can take advantage of the discount hotels. Parrano celebrates the Feast of Saint Biagio on the 3rd of February every year. For those who are visiting around this time, you should make advance reservations for Parrano cheap hotels at