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In the middle of the Orvieto region, near the Peglia Mountains, the village of San Venanzo was founded during the Etruscan period. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of both forested areas and green plains, and a number of buildings date back to the Middle Ages. However, today it is known for its artisan crafts, particularly terra cotta, and is often visited for one of its numerous festivals. San Venanzo hotels can be difficult to find during these events, so be sure to check early for the best hotels in San Venanzo on throughout much of Italy, Carnival is celebrated in February. San Venanzo shares in the festivities in partnership with Perugia, the capital of the region. In late spring to early summer, the annual Umbricelli Festival takes place in San Venanzo, where typical dishes of the region are served, live music takes place each evening, and other cultural events are scheduled. The Baschi Film Festival takes place each summer, and cinema, theater and art showings take place in Baschi, San Venanzo and surrounding villages.