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A bit of a water paradise, Terni Italy is located in between two rushing, beautiful bodies of water: the river Nera and the Serra stream. During weekend Terni offers a tourist an incredible view of a natural water display, the Marmore Waterfalls. Built by the ancient Romans, the waterfall has been used to fuel a hydroelectric power plant but it is open to the public only during certain hours. Thus, if possible, tourists should try to get nearby Terni hotels with so as to be able to catch a glimpse. The discount hotels Terni offers are also near Piediluco Lake, where national and international rowing contests are held. There are also hotels in Terni near land attractions like Carsulae. It is a bit of history in that it is the Roman ruins of an ancient route messengers and such would take. Terni cheap hotels, the towns existing monuments to history, as well as its water activities are all reasons to make Terni the place for a next vacation stay