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The province of Trapani is located on the northwestern tip of the island of Sicily; it is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the province is hilly and includes the Egadi islands and the island of Pantelleria. Both the coast of the province and the islands included in the province are very popular tourist destinations, thanks to their magnificent beaches and clear waters. As far as history, humans seem to have inhabited the area as far back as Mesolithic times, so the province is quite old. Though its seaside establishments and archaeological ruins are quite well known, the province of Trapani has still not taken full advantage of all its merits for attracting tourists. The province is most well known for the beautiful coral items that are derived from the coral fished in the waters that bathe the province and the Marsala wine that comes from the town of Marsala. Attractions here also include the Chiesa del Purgatorio and the Stagnone, a lagoon that has been turned into a natural reserve. If youre looking for some history and culture for a weekend, Trapani could be just the right place for you.