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          Erice, Italy is situated in the province of Trapani. The historic town of Erice is located at the top of a mountain known as Mount Erice. The city of Erice also has the distinction of being very close to Sicily, so close, in fact, that some people claim Erice is actually in Sicily. A trip to Erice will make history buffs feel as if they have stepped back into the Middle Ages. This is because of the many old and historic castles located here. One of them is the Pepoli Castle, which boasts a foundation that dates all the way back to Arab times. The Venus Castle is another old castle that has been present in Erice since the Norman period. This castle was built upon what was left of the ancient Venue Temple. The ancient Elymian and Phoenician stone walls, medieval churches, and cobblestone streets in Erice all tell a tale of a time gone by.The two beautiful hilltop castles are set in the middle of a lovely park that you will definitely want to see. Don’t miss the vast amount of ecclesiastical architecture that is a part of Erice. There are many medieval churches to tour. Restaurants in Erice serve Sicilian fare with a smile, and visitors to Erice generally enjoy both very much. You’ll find that hotels in Erice are a snap to book when you use the best website ever for this type of thing. That is, and if you need a cheap Erice hotel room, you need look no further than here.