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        Favignana is a city on a small, butterfly shaped island with the same name in southern Italy. A popular tourist destination, hydrofoil transportation is commonly used to shuttle tourists from the mainland to the island and back again. The fish in that tuna sandwich you ate last week may well have come from Favignana, Italy. Fishing is hugely popular here with both the locals and visitors to the area, and the tuna fish is an especially prominent specimen in the Favignana waters.Favignana has many caves, which are made of volcanic rock. Tourists can enjoy exploring some of the larger ones. This is not a very beach laden island, but it is still popular as a starting point for snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions. Restaurants in Favignana feature blue fin tuna prominently, as well as a wide range of other entrees you are sure to enjoy. Favignana hotels are all geared to making sure that guests to the island have a wonderful time that they will long remember. If you happen to need a discount Favignana hotel, you are in luck. Use to book and finalize your plans to stay in one of the lovely Favignana hotels that make the island proud.