Hotels in Marsala

    Marsala Details is the perfect choice if you are looking for hotels for the weekend. Marsala hotels are both comfortable and affordable and because of it’s location on the western tip of Sicilly, you can get great deals on discount hotels. Marsala got it’s name from the Arabic, Marsa Allah or port of Allah. Hotels in Marsala are becoming more popular and if you want to save a little money, Marsala cheap hotels are a great option.While you are in Marsala you should definitely visit the ancient Lilybaeum ruins where you can see fragments of the city walls. You can also see the grotto and spring of the Sibyl. If you have time you can visit the great fosse on the east side of the town which acted as a defence from attacks from land. When you get back to town, visit the Cassaro or main street in the old part of town.