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      Just 5 kilometers from Trapani, in the southwest of Sicily, you’ll find the rural town of Paceco. It was founded by the Marquis Placido Fardella in 1607, and he named it for his wife, Teresa Paceco of Vigliena. The town is now well known for the Salt Road, which runs from Trapani to Paceco. As you travel the road, the mountains on either side will seem to sparkle with white lights; that is due to the salt crystals that have been mined and sold by the local population since the Phoenicians inhabited the island in the 12th century.The Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Xitta was built between the 14th and 15th centuries, and was once under the order of the Malta. The Cathedral of SS Crucifix is in the main town piazza and was built in 1623. With mining comes discoveries of long-buried relics, and the Museo Preistorico contains the artifacts of ancient cultures that have been unearthed in the area, while the Museo delle Saline shares the history of salt mining in the region. Since the town is so close to Trapani, discount hotels are plentiful in the area. Check with for the best budget Paceco hotels.