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    The town of Valderice is still a town whose economy is still based on fishing and farming. Using, anyone can effortlessly get the discount hotels Valderice offers for a special week or weekend. Valderice has the lovely Sanctuary of the Misericordia, built in the 16th century at the base of olive trees where an image of the Virgin Mary was.Valderice hotels are also near the Saint Theatre Barnaba, an amphitheatre where concerts, movies and dances are held during the summertime. There are some Valderice cheap hotels next to the Paparella, a local and tourist favorite as it is a strangely constructed set of temple ruins. Hotels in Valderice are not on the coast, however the town is but minutes away from the seaside territory of Bonagia, giving vacationers beautiful sea views as well as quaint sights. Using can get a traveler the hotels he/she wants in this less frequented but just as visit- worthy town in Italy.