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Trieste is a port city where both Slovenian and Italian are spoken because of its location split between the two respective countries. Because of its unique position it is one of the few places affected in Italy by the Nazi regime as evidenced by the Risiera di San Sabba, a monument dedicated to the only historical extermination camp in Italy. Trieste, despite its past, has flourished into a town with a beautiful natural environment. can help a vacationer find the best discount hotels Trieste has to offer for a weekend.Trieste hotels place vacationers near the Castle of Miramare, with its garden of lovely ponds, lotus flowers and swans. It also contains exquisite bronze statues. Staying in hotels in Trieste gives a traveler a close proximity to the Grotta Gigante, which is the largest tourist cave anywhere. Divers history buffs, art lovers—everyone can benefit from spending time in Trieste, cheap hotels being an added bonus with