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Found in the northwestern end of Italy, Rivalta di Torino is one town that has reason to celebrate every month of the year. Whether it is the cold months of January or the August sweltering summer weekend, Rivalta di Torino always has something to celebrate. Structures that are hundred years of age are also found in this town. Among them is the Castello di Rivalta di Torino. The castle was built during the medieval times. There are also two churches that you should be visiting while you are in Rivalta di Torino. Chiesa Santi Pietro e Andrea and Chiesa Santa Croce are neo-gothic churches and both of them have a remarkable design from the outside. There are numerous hotels in Rivalta di Torino that you can choose from. This is partly because the Rivalta di Torino hotels provide easy access to the famous city of Turin. Whether you get great hotels or the simple discount hotels, Rivalta di Torino is still a great place to stay with their hospitality and added services especially if youre interested to go to Turin the next day. If youre looking for great rates for Rivalta di Torino cheap hotels log on to