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The town of Rivoli is one of the famous tourist destinations in the province of Turin mainly because of the restored castle of the Royal House of Savoy. This baroque palace was unfortunately finished when they tried to build it during the 18th century. The government decided to renovate it and finish the structure altogether. The castle right now is used as the Museum of Contemporary Art. Another structure that is used as a museum is the Filanda Tower from the medieval era. Though you may find the windows constricting from the outside, the inside is really spacious and youll see various paintings of the local artists. Theres also the Antica Collegiata Bell's Tower. The structure was also closed for protection but after careful preparation, its now open to the public. The tower used to be part of the 13th century structure. Aside from the structures, there are also activities that will keep you busy for the weekend. Rivoli hosts a music festival every 3rd week of June and Truncioli dArtista woodworks and woodcraft exhibition every May.You can find lots of hotels in Rivoli that can give you the accommodation you need for the whole summer. These Rivoli cheap hotels give their visitors all they need to ensure the satisfaction of their customers even though their rates are like discount hotels. Rivoli has restored its important structures and because of this, people now flock to behold the architectural wonders of the town. has the list of Rivoli hotels that offers great rates for you.