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A very classic town, Romano Canavese is able to preserve some of the most important structures in their town. Among them is their monument, the Clock tower, which was thought to have been owned by a bishop during the 14th century. Another important structure is La Chiesa di Santa Marta, based on some documents, existed since the 13th century. Villa Bocca is a castle that was used by the nobles of the village and was built during the 18th century. In keeping the old buildings, they have somehow kept the feeling of simplicity and the nature trip up Morainic hill will affirm that.If youre looking for a place to stay thats quiet for the weekend, Romano Canavese is the perfect place. There are Romano Canavese hotels that used to be the palace for nobles and now it has become a high end hotel. In Romano Canavese you can also find great deals since Romano Canavese cheap hotels are found everywhere. In, youll have access to various discount hotels. Romano Canavese travel package are included in this site where the rates of the hotels are at its lowest.