Hotels in San Francesco al Campo

San Francesco al Campo Details

San Francesco al Campo is a quiet, non-touristy town where you can get away from the ruckus of the other, much busier portions of the Province of Turin and bed down in their nearby discount hotels. San Francesco al Campo is only fourteen miles away, which is about a 26 minute drive, from Torino city, and it is the perfect place to find those not yet filled up hotels with One of the best San Francesco al Campo hotels is a restored ancient farmhouse. During a weekend, San Francesco al Campo, with a population of about 4,500, is great for quiet nights while fun-filled days are spent experiencing all that that the Turin region has to offer.San Francesco al Campo is only 11 miles away from Armeria Reale, one of the largest European repositories of numerous historical and modern pieces of weaponry. Another excellent sight for the tourist with an interest in history is the Borgo Medioevale, a modern reconstruction of a 15th century Italian village. And the 17th century is represented with Castello del Valentino, a structure with a design that has French influence. A great deal besides nearby San Francesco al Campo cheap hotels is to play golf next to a beautiful castle. For the golf enthusiast, that can happen at Circolo Golf Stupinigi. Or a golfer, novice or pro, could make a unique chase for that hole-in-one in miles of fine Torinese hills at Golf Club I Ciliegi. Hotels in San Francesco al Campo or nearby are the way to go for the best locations in relation to the wonderful attractions of the Province of Turin.