Hotels in San Giusto Canavese

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San Giusto Canavese Details

If you love tranquil relaxation, or perhaps a walk or hike, San Giusto Canavese in Torino province, Piedmont Region is the place for you. Situated in a primarily mountainous area, the city is well known for its university, natural organic bakery, lush green nature parks and a large industrial area. San Giusto Canavese has maintained its historic and cultural identity with such sites as Cathedral of San Giusto. There are also many first class, as well as cheaper discount hotels in San Giusto Canavese and surrounding area. For more information, visit to San Giusto Canavese and surrounding Alpine towns have a charming historical air. Trieste is a fine example of this with its many coffee houses in Viennese style in its very large Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. A number of historic buildings surrounded the plaza, including the municipal clock tower, a giant grotto and the government palace called Prefettura. Trieste also features an historic Opera House, Quattro Continenti and Miramare Castle that sits right on the seashore of the Gulf of Trieste. The citys main church is the medieval Cathedral of San Giusto. There is also a Roman forum, museum of historical weapons and Castle of San Giusto dating back to the 1400s. Visitors can relax in Lapidary Garden, which feature medieval and Roman relics.