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    Sestriere is a small village of 866 located in Piedmont in the Valley of Chisone. Sestriere actually includes four small villages : Sestriere Colle, Sestriere Borgata, Champlais du Col and Champlais Janvier. The village is known for its skiing, having hosted the Alpine Skiing World Championships in 1997 and the Alpine skiing events in the Torino Olympics of 2006. This may make it difficult to find hotels in Sestriere. helps to discover Sestriere hotels, even Sestriere cheap hotels or discount hotels. Sestriere, in winter, after all, is a popular destination.This does not mean Sestriere is not a summer resort. Besides the local churches of S. Antonio and S. Edoardo, you can visit a number of neighboring sites. The most popular summer activities, however, are climbing and hiking. People explore the Susa Valley and climb up the Alps using the Vie Ferrate. There is horse back riding in the mountains and fishing in nearby Losetta Lake. Canoeing, swimming, paragliding and golf are all part of a summer in Sestriere.