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Palamanova is a town in the Province of Udine in Northeastern Italy, not far from the border with Slovenia. It was founded in 1593 by the Republic of Venice as a military outpost. The date of the founding commemorated the Christian naval victory over the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Lepanto. History lovers staying at discount hotels in Palmanova will be interested to know that at various times this fortress town was held by the Venetians, the Austrians and the French. The massive fortifications were actually completed by Napoleon.Palmanova is famous for its octagonal shape and its intact walls. Designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, the star-shaped fortress became a model for defensive works all over Europe. It was once entirely surrounded by a moat. It is now a national monument. Visitors enjoying budget hotels in Palmanova can also see the towns other historic sites. The Cathedral, which was completed in 1636, took 30 years to build. Its bell tower was constructed in 1776. The tower was deliberately made short so it could not be seen by enemies outside the walls. The façade, made from Istrian stone, was restored in 2000. The church faces the Piazza Grande, which is also made from Istrian stone. You can still walk through the great gates; Porta Udine, Porta Aquileia, and Porta Cividale.