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On the Via Roma, from Milan to Angera, lies Somma Lombardo. It is a small town with a population under 17,000. For a weekend, Somma Lombardo offers you a tour of its 13th century history. Stay at any of the hotels in Somma Lombardo or nearby to visit its churches and the Castle Visconti of S. Vito. The Castle, mentioned in early records from the 1200s consists of three castles with separate courtyards. The Summer Castle is the family home. Somma Lombardo hotels allow a visitor to tour the town. helps you find cheap Somma Lombardo hotels or discount hotels. Somma Lombardo is host as you tour Church of the Contagious Disease Hospital. Originally a hospital compiled of shacks, later a church, this simple structure lies at the end of a tree-lined avenue. The Church of S. Rocco also acted as a hospital for the plague in 1576. The building today contains 16th century frescoes but is 17th century in design. An intriguing structure is the Geodetic Base. An astronomy device this square-based pyramid from the late 18th and early 19th centuries sits on a line running from Somma Lombardo to Nosate. The twin pyramid at Nosate no longer exists. Another option is to go to the outskirts to visit the Roman-style Villoresi Dam crossing the Ticino River.