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          A former Roman port, Chioggia is a highly likable Venetian city. You can wander its streets visiting the historic center. They plan to see the various churches, including SantAndrea and San Domenico. Of particular interest is the Palazzo del Granaio. This former grain house dates from 1322. Restored in the 19th century, its façade reveals a relief of the Madonna and Child by Sansovino. Other tourists head for the Fish Market behind the Granaio or go to the Town Hall. Be sure to visit the Duomo. The detached Campanile is a Romanesque structure from the 13th century while the Duomo is from the 17th. Another religious structure worth viewing is the 18th century Church of the Holy Trinity. Andrea Tirali altered it in 1703. At the end of Corso del Popolo, you can also see the Vigo Column. At its top is St. Marks Lion, locally called The Cat.