Hotels in Lido Of Venice

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Lido Of Venice Details

Those visitors fortunate enough to travel to Venice have long known about the beauty and splendor of the Lido. Something like the equivalent of the Hamptons for residents of Venice, this resort island has now become a huge attraction for tourists from around the globe. Nearly half of the island is taken up by a massive white sand beach that is considered among the most beautiful to be seen anywhere in the world. Those who love Italian arts and culture should also check out the International Film Festival in Lido’s famous Palazzo del Cinema. In addition, there are a number of traditional experiences you can have on the island such as horse back riding, or traveling about via a horse drawn cab. Truly a luxury experience all around.If you’re thinking about discount hotels, know that the Lido of Venice is a very popular resort. As such, good deals can be found, but they are quite difficult to come by. Your best bet then, is probably to go with a professional booking agent like