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      Venice is a world-famous tourist destination for its beautiful canals and amazing architecture. This city in Northern Italy was one of the most influential mercantile sea powers in the world and its glory is visible in many of its monuments. The city is actually built on one hundred and seventeen small islands and contains one hundred and fifty canals that are connected by four hundred and nine bridges. There are mysterious alleyways, mazes of backstreets and squares. If you want a near mystical weekend, Venice is the place for you. Use to find the discount hotels Venice has to offer; during peak season in Venice, cheap hotels are going to be hard to find, though, so plan your vacation carefully. Read up on Venice hotels and find out which hotels in Venice fill up quickly.Venice is a city of both monuments and festivals. If you’re in the city at the end of January, you have to check out Il Carnevale, an amazing and world-renowned festival of masks and street performances. There are also the Sensa and the Regata, parades on water using historical sea vessels. As for monuments, there is the Palazzo Ducale, or Doge’s Palace, built in the 9th century and an amazing example of civil Venetian Gothic. Piazza San Marco is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy and the Basilica di San Marco, the most famous of the city’s churches, is an amazing example of Byzantine architecture.