Hotels in Accademia Bridge

          Accademia Bridge Details

          The Accademia Bridge is one of several bridges crossing the Grande Canal. The bridges are necessities in Venice, where the water flows everywhere, and this one links the Sestiere of San Marco to Dorsiduro. This lovely wooden structure is popular among locals and tourists alike. The Accademia Bridge is not an ancient structure. In fact, it is one of the last of the Grand Canal bridges constructed, and was originally intended as a temporary structure.Built in 1932-1934, the Accademia Bridge acted as a stop gap, planned to replace an 1884 wrought iron structure. Yet, the wooden structure found great favor among the people and, probably, the tax payers and the new Accademia Bridge stayed. Try to find a quiet time to enjoy the views from the middle of the bridge, as they are absolutely stunning. One of the most common shots of Venice is taken from this bridge, which is an image of the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute. This is a perfect postcard memory to take back. You can treasure it in your cozy hotel in Venice, near the Academia Bridge.