Hotels in Basilica di San Marco

          Basilica di San Marco Details

          Over the years, the Basilica di San Marco has undergone several remodels. It began as Byzantine and Romanesque but has gained 18th century aspects. Crowned with 5 domes, this Basilica rightly deserves its nickname of Chiesa dOro. This Church of Gold was the choice of many wealthy patrons. Their contributions are reflected in the amount and quality of decoration inside and out. Due to their support, the domes contain mosaics of rich intensity. The interior of the Basilica is lavish in mosaics and carvings. The porphyry has the sculpture group known as The Tetrarchs. The Ascension Dome features a mosaic from the 13th century of Christ, the Angels, the 12 Apostles and Mary. The altar canopy with its alabaster columns has carvings of New Testament scenes. The Pentecost Dome shows the Descent of the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove. Do not ignore the Gate of the Flowers with its 13th century reliefs, the Mosaics in the atrium and the Pala dOro. The Pala dOro is a magnificent altarpiece created by 10th century smiths. It consists of 250 gilded panels encrusted with 1,927 precious stones. Plenty of reasons to remain in a hotel near the Basilica di San Marco in Venice.

          Address: San Marco, 328, Venezia, Italy

          Opened: 1974

          Open hours: 9:45 am - 5:00 pm

          Phone: +39 041 270 8311

          Architect: Domenico I Contarini

          Province: Province of Venice