Hotels in Campo San Angelo

          Campo San Angelo Details

          The Campo San Angelo (Campo SantAngelo) is a wide expanse of a square found between Campo Santo Stefano and the Rialto. Its size owes much to the removal of Chiese Angelo Michele in 1837. Part of the San Marco district, Campo San Angelo has its own attractions. There are also a wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. Some are on side streets leading to Campos San Angelo; others are in the square itself. It is said you can get some of the best pizza in Venice in this Campo.From here, you can clearly see the leaning Campanile of St. Stefano. There are 2 ancient wellheads from the late 15th century. You can also visit the Oratorio dellAnnunziato. This chapel dates from the 10th century. Over the years renovations have altered it. Inside, you can view a 15th century Crucifixion.

          Address: Campo San Anzolo, 3580, 30124 Venezia, Italy