Hotels in Church of San Geremia

          Church of San Geremia Details

          The Chiesa di San Geremia (Church of San Geremia) contains the body of the Santa Lucia (St. Lucy). She was martyred in Syracuse in AD 304. Her body was originally housed in the Church of Santa Lucia. It was demolished to make way for the train station. She was moved, then, to the Church of San Geremia. This is why many stay in budget hotels near the Church of San Geremia in Venice. They are here to make a pilgrimage. They come to see the Saint who was stolen in 1981 and returned without trouble the same year.The current church is to a design by Carlo Corbellini in 1753. Only the brick bell tower reveals aspects of the earlier church. It dates to the 12th century. There are several mullioned windows at its base in a Romanesque style. The interior of the Church is on a Greek plan. It contains several noteworthy works. They include two statues: one is of St. Peter, the other is of the Prophet Jeremy. Both are executed by Torretti. Take time to see The Death of San Giuseppe by Francesco Maggiotto and The Virgin at the Incoronation of Venice by Jacopo Palma il Giovane.

          Address: Campo San Geremia, 334, 30121 Venezia, Italy

          Province: Province of Venice