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          Church of San Giorgio Maggiore Details

          Across from the Piazetta is the Palladian Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. For many visitors, this building represents the greatest achievement of Andrea Palladio. It is spacious and reeks of his brand of Neo-classicism. The proportions are perfectly balanced. The elegance is overt. The massive columns support the crowning tymphanum with their statues. The church dates from 1565 to 1580.Make sure you have time to study both the exterior and the interior. Ride up the 60m campanile for a view of the canal and the city. The openness you feel above is reflected in the churchs interior. There is sparse sculptural decor. All is open space. This is an ideal setting for 2 late works by Tintoretto. Both The Last Supper and Gathering of the Manna date from 1594.The last work by Tintoretto in the Church is in the Chapel of the Dead. It was completed after his death. The Deposition dates from 1592-1594 and was completed by his son.

          Address: Isola di S.Giorgio Maggiore, 30133 Venezia, Italy

          Phone: +39 041 522 7827