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          Church of San Simeone Piccolo Details

          This large church has a plain façade reminiscent of the Parthenon in Rome. In fact, the Parthenon was one of the models. Giovanni Antonio Scarfarotto (1700-1764) was hired to build the Church of San Simeone Piccolo in 1718. He was following the 18th century Neo-classical or Palladian tradition. The pronaus or front portico illustrates this. It features balance of structure and Corinthian columns. On the other hand, there is a Byzantine influence. You can see this in the peaked metal dome. The Church of San Simeone Picolo is also known as San Simeone e Giuda. In fact, it replaced this earlier church in the Santa Croce region. This edifice, once in the poor part of town, features a marble relief by Francesco Penso. This is The Martyrization of the Saints. There is also a Pieta by J. Palma Giovane. Both works are worth paying the church a visit. Today, the church acts as an auditorium. The church is on the West Bank of the Grand Canal opposite the Railway Terminal.

          Address: Santa Croce, 698, Across from the railroad terminal, 30135 Venice, Italy

          Phone: +39 04 17 19 438