Hotels in Church of San Simeone Profeta

          Church of San Simeone Profeta Details

          This small church is grand in many other ways. The Church of San Simeone Profeta hosts the Statue of St. Simon. It is also a church where you can see early examples of Gothic work. The capitols of the nave, for example are from this period. There are aspects of early Gothic in evidence among the 19th century renovations. The interior of the church features newer and old elements. The original floor was replaced by order in 1730. It seems beneath it lay victims of the 1630 plague. Renewed fears of an outbreak resulted in the order and a new floor. The rest of the interior is by Domenico Marqutti. It contains some elements of artistic merit. Many are from the 18th century, although several are from times before. The high altar, for example, features The Presentation in the Temple by Palma Il Giovane. There is also a work by Marco Romano titled The Blessed St. Simeon. The Gothic monument is built into the wall and displays angels.