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          Church of San Vidal Details

          The Church of San Vidal is an ancient building with a new face lift. It dates from 1105 but was given a new façade in 1734. The Campanile was from the early 12th century but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1347. The current 18th century exterior consists of the architectural design skills of Andrea Tirati and Antonio Gasparri. Situated in the busy Sam Marco area, it is common for visitors to stay near the Church of San Vidal in Venice. It makes it easier to reach the Grand Canal and to attend a concert here.San Vidal is no longer an operational church. It has been deconsecrated. Today, it is the home of many classical chamber music performances. The Interpreti Veneziani performs over 100 concerts here. The acoustics are ideal. The music wafts up to the top of the single nave, barrel vaulted ceiling. Inside there are paintings of the Venetian school of the 16th and 17th centuries. Works include San Vitale a Cavallo e Otto Santi by Vittorio Carpacio. There is also art work by Palma il Giovane, Peitro Vecchia and Sante Perande. You can also admire the collection of ancient musical instruments on display here.

          Address: Campiello San Vidal, Venezia, Italy

          Phone: +39 041 529 8711

          Province: Province of Venice