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          The Civic Museum in Venice is usually referred to as the Museo Correr. It is named after the man who donated his collection - Teodoro Correr. He gave it its initial endowment in 1830. The Civic Museum is located in Piazza San Marco in the Napoleonic Wing as well as in rooms of the Procuratie Nuove. The collection within these walls is immense. A starting point should be the Homeric reliefs by Canova. Nearby, on this first floor, you can also see several other works by him. They include his defining work Daedelus and Icarus. One of the most significant is a model of a tomb for Titian. Instead, the design became the model for Canovas final resting place. The 2nd floor contains further celebrated Venetian artists. Prominent among these is the Bellini family - Jacopo with his sons Giovanni and Gentile. There is also work by Carpaccio and C. Tura.The Museo Correr is also for those who want to learn more about Venetian history. Be sure to spend sufficient time on the detailed carving of 16th century Venice. This intricate work is by Jacopo deBarbarbari (1440-1515). Also of specific interest to visitors is the recreated 17th century library.

          Address: Piazza San Marco 52, 30124 Venice, Italy

          Open hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

          Phone: +39 041 2405211