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          There are several legends connected with the Sospiri Bridge. The most common focuses on its position. The Sospiri Bridge links the Doges Palace with the New Prison. At one time, people walked across the bridge to the underground cells of the Palace. They were, so it was said, locked away in deep dank cells underground. They never returned. The Bridge echoed the sighs they made as they saw Venice for the last time. It is a lovely atmospheric story with little truth to it. You can test the merit of the tale. Maybe you will hear the sighs of long dead prisoners. One of the more famous prisoners was Casanova.The Bridge of Sighs saw many people cross and return. The New Prison even had a tavern for prisoners. The original Sospiri Bridge was constructed between 1608 and 1614. Antonio Contino saw to its design. It is an enclosed structure of white stone with stone barred windows. Take a walk and reflect on this bridge so dubbed by Lord Byron. Alternatively you can hope the other legend is true. Book a gondola to pick you and your true love up from your hotel in Venice near the Bridge of Sighs. Kiss while in a Gondola directly below Sospiri Bridge. Return home and see if your love lasts forever more.

          Address: Piazza San Marco, 1, Venezia, Italy

          Open hours: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

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