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    The region of Piedmont is found in the northwest of Italy, and is famous for its mountain landscapes and tasty wines. The small village of Belgirate is found here in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province, located about 11 kilometers south of the town of Verbania. There are just over 500 inhabitants of the village, so if you choose an budget hotel in Belgirate, you can enjoy some authentic Italian village life.Some of the best sights in and around Belgirate are natural ones. The town is located east of the Motta Rossa hills, which make for some excellent hiking and walking trips. It is also not too far from Lago Maggiore, one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in northern Italy. In the town, the oldest part is the upper area, surrounding the main church of Santa Maria, also called Chiesa Vechhia (Old Church), dating from the 16th century. A number of medieval palazzi line the streets of the city center, and a number of 18th and 19th palazzi such as the Villa Carlotta also make for lovely sights on a walk through town.