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    The little town of Stresa has a population of just over 5,000. After Locarno, this small community is the largest resort located on Lake Maggiore. If you come for a weekend, Stresa lays out, just outside of town, the Villa Pallavicino for you. Its sumptuous gardens combine both romantic and classical elements. There are trees of many different varieties in the park including beech, horse chestnut, magnolia, maple and oak. Travelers leave their hotels in Stresa to travel to the Villa and to the Borromean Islands. Others take a trip from their Stresa hotels to take cable cars up Monte Monttarone. From there, visitors can see the mountain peaks, the ski slopes of Monte Rosa and a general view of the Lombardy Plain down below.To save money, look on for Stresa cheap hotels or discount hotels. Stresa provides you with a chance to spend the money you save on a boat trip to the Borromean Islands to consider the never completed palace of Count Vitaliano. You could also contribute money to the parish church in Stresa or spend it at any of the cafes that line Piazza Cadorno.