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Vogogna is situated in the Piedmont region of Italy with a population of around 1750 inhabitants. Vogogna is a medieval town close to Lake Maggiore and the Val Grande National Park. You can stay in one or other of the nearby towns at the weekend, Vogona is a quiet town. When you are in Vogogna then a visit to the Castello Visconteo is a must. Vogogna hotels extend a warm welcome to all their guests. If you stay at one of the hotels in Vogogna you will usually find a wide choice of food and a comfortable room. If you prefer then you could book one of the discount hotels, Vogogna does have some. If you are having a holiday on a shoestring then try one of Vogognas cheap hotels but be sure to book early. Even quiet towns like Vogogna can get very busy. Visit the fortified Abbey of Sacra di San Michele in nearby Piedmont. Book your hotel early on one of the internet sites such as